MFL#048 suicide, Depression, Divorce and Child Custody – a Deadly Mix | Sally Spencer Thomas

In this episode of the Men’s Family Law Podcast, we discuss Suicide, Depression, Divorce and Child Custody, and the toll all of that takes on a man. It’s a deadly mix. We lose 20-25 veterans a day to suicide, and more than that in men who are drinking or drugging themselves to death and it’s not called suicide.

The emotional pain a man suffers when going through a divorce or not seeing his children is tremendous and they frequently lack the resources to deal well with it. Friends have been abandoned when a “new love” came along. All of “her friends” became his social network, and when the breakup happened, they went with her.

Sally Spencer Thomas, Psy.D. lost a brother to suicide and it became a life’s mission for her to prevent as many deaths as possible. She helped found the Carson J. Spencer Foundation and craft their MENTHERAPY program to help men deal with their suicidal thoughts, depression and find a better way.

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