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Tyga Ready To Fight Blac Chyna for Child Custody Of King Cairo After Drug Arrest

David Pisarra Feb. 5, 2016

Child Custody is always a hotly contested topic, especially when there’s allegations of drug use or abuse by one of the parents; Tyga might be going after Blac Chyna for Child Custody since her arrest for drug possession. It might effect her ability to keep custody of King Cairo, but I chime in here for about my thoughts on how drug use, abuse and being arrested will play out in front of the family court judge.

So, does Tyga stand a chance at taking full custody of King Cairo from Blac Chyna? The answer is, simply, yes, according to David Pisarra, a Father Rights Activist, and Men’s Family Lawyer., who told EXCLUSIVELY, “Tyga could take Blac to court and use the argument that Blac is a negligent mother and that their child is in danger. A judge could rule in his favor and Tyga could gain custody.”

How? Well, as David explained to us, “Blac Chyna could be a negligent mother if, by her own admission, she really did not know there were drugs in her bag. If she did not know where there are drugs in her house when her assistant packed her bags then how can she say for sure that her child could not find drugs and use them? Tyga could try to use the charge to bootstrap himself and claim that Blac is a drug addict and a negligent parent. If she can’t keep track of drugs, how can she be a capable parent?” Ouch.

Photo of Tyga, Blac Chyna and King Cairo in happier times.

Tyga, Blac Chyna and King Cairo in happier times.